Our core aim is to make STEAM accessible, easy to understand and great to relate to. Madcap will extrapolate the most cutting edge concepts, transferring them into an engaging, understandable and memorable format using all platforms in the media.

The “Madcap Science” science communication platform was formed in early 2013. Born from noticing an alarming disparity between how  information about STEAM (Science, Technology, Arts, Engineering and Mathematics) careers is communicated and the volume of young people accessing and perusing an interest within industries that require knowledge in those fields. 

More recently at Madcap HQ we have noticed that there is a huge gap in describing the benefits of STEAM and disseminating it on a variety of levels i.e. public domain, manufacturing circles, science festivals. An idea might be unassuming on the surface but with a massive following behind it and a brand that people are inspired by with enthusiastic creators…. who can tell what impact it will have nationally, globally, internationally?

Click the SHOW button in the top left hand corner of the page and let us show you how we can be bold, brave and different communicating your STEAM concept, product, research activity, and more…

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