The “Madcap Science” science communication platform was formed in early 2013. Born from noticing an alarming disparity between the information about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) careers as well as the young people accessing it. Then perusing an interest within industries that require knowledge in those fields.

Madcap Science has evolved considerably over the past two years. Starting life as “Flashmob Science” with the initial aim of solely providing hands on STEM education outreach. That core aim is still the same. We believe with a bit of elbow grease and a constant thirst for understanding Madcap Science will reach that stage eventually.

However, at present we are content writing informative articles, using social media and collaborating with organizations and individuals alike. Actively promoting those who are already able to do that. We cover the work researchers, organizations, education institutions and industry leaders are carrying out to make their fields accessible, new innovation and all of those little bits in-between!

Madcap Science’s main aim is to make all aspects of STEM accessible. Extrapolating the most cutting edge concepts and transferring them into an engaging, understandable and memorable format.


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